Feb 20

History of the Anonymous Mask


Love it or hate it, the Anonymous mask has morphed under many guises. Starting life as the face of an audacious revolutionary, it has become a political disguise turned corporate nightmare. But it’s future as a potent image remains in the balance.


“This is a quality mask …. I felt anonymous Immediately, that enigmatic smile is so sexy … I quite fancy myself when I wear it …. I look just like the other guys ….” Rocky Wolfbanger III

In 1605, Catholic renegade Guy Fawkes attempts to blow up The House of Lords in an effort to kill the Protestant King James I. Part of a larger group of mutineers, the responsibility fell on Fawkes to light the fuse, blowing the king sky-high. He is caught and hung, drawn and quartered as an insurgent and terrorist.



Towards the final years of the 18th Century, reports began to emerge of vagabond children dressing up in grotesque Guy Fawkes masks made of paper and begging for money. By the 1980’s however, the masks that often came free with comic books began to be replaced by Halloween costume.


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