Sep 10

Hands OFF Syria – Hands ON Humanism

To make a difference for Syria, you can:
1. Give generously to such charities as: The Red Crescent Society, UNICEF, and Human Concern International.

2. Write to your government representatives to demand that there be no intervention – there cannot be a rush to judgement before we know the truth.

3. Sign the online petition at Avaaz.org to prevent Syria from being attacked. Syria is a sovereign nation and the West has no right to intervene.

4. Download and print your One World poster from ONEWORLD-DUV.org and place it in your window to show your solidarity with peace for everyone and also carry this poster on the UN International Day of Peace, September 21st.

Today in the news, President Obama was urging the world to take action against the recent supposed chemical attack in Syria. Later, it was quoted on the news that: “Obama concluded that he should ask Congress for authorization to bomb Syria”. This is even before the facts are known regarding who was behind this supposed WMD attack. With regards to actual, proven cases of abuse, why not ask Congress to brainstorm on peaceful ideas for dealing with these types of situations? Why not replace voting on war permanently so that peace is the only option? You can start a petition at: Avaaz.org if you wish for the days of war and aggression to be over.

Once proven through fair and due process, abuses against people will need to be addressed. But in the past, this always meant an aggressive, violent, military action rather than action which takes humanism into account. We need to change this. Lets speak to our government leaders, including our community representatives and demand that they make a transition from militarism, which breeds more violence, to humanism which leads to understanding and eventual reconciliation. Violent rule has gone on long enough. More than enough people have already died in futile wars. The time has come for a united world – a peaceful one for all. We can all come together to make a difference…we can begin by asking our politicians to draft and pass only those policies that are in the best interests of humanity and world peace. We need to demand that our leaders not intervene in sovereign nations’ rights to govern and exist based on their own beliefs.

Every little gesture toward unity counts for when we ALL come together, the new order of the day will be respect, compassion and love for one another as opposed to imperialism, self-interest and greed. Making this happen is every person’s responsibility as well as privilege – we must all discourage divisiveness both in our personal lives as well as on the world stage. Let us move away from resolving conflict with warfare and instead start a “Hands on Humanism” all inclusive global movement. Dialogue and reconciliation is the answer for ongoing peace, not war and retaliation. This video, made on September 2nd is the original.

Unity Diversity Victory – Join the DUV Campaign today at oneworld-duv.org
September 21st, 2013 is the United Nations International Day of Peace, everyone is encouraged to bring their poster and walk in their cities to show solidarity to the world peace process. Share a DUV today!

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