Aug 13

Anonymous – Taiji Dolphins 2013

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People of the free world, we are anonymous.<br />If we are writing to you today is to denounce.
Because a dying world worth it worth to be released?

How not to find a cute dolphin?
Which never visit a dolphinarium?
Who has not taken the kids to see these magical animals in a park?

But do you know how these dolphins arrived there?
What would think your little darlings if they knew the truth?

Each year in the village of Taiji in Japan and in the name of tradition.
All groups of dolphins that cross the road fishing boats between September 1 and the end of April are folded in Taiji and imprisoned with large nets.

After a night of terror trainers are selected the most beautiful specimens. These dolphins, torn from their families will learn tricks to receive food.
They will then be sentenced to life imprisonment by our greed and selfish pleasure.

The rest of the group … the less fortunate … family … was brutally murdered at dawn.

Despite the many messages of protest from around the world, the Japanese government prefers to close her eyes and spend nearly $ 2 million in the deployment of security forces to keep the curious …

The meat of slaughtered dolphins, containing high levels of mercury is sold in Japanese supermarkets and restaurants.
The majority of Japanese people are not aware of what’s going on off the coast of Taiji and are unaware that dolphin meat is toxic to human health.

By buying an entry in a dolphinarium, we are complicit.
Closing his eyes, we are complicit.

The dolphinarium under the guise of corruption, capture and enslave dolphins.
Citizens of the world, if we all stop us visiting the dolphinarium, it will reduce the demand for captive dolphins.

Dolphins are very smart and live in hierarchical groups.
They live very poorly in captivity.

As the Captain Paul Watson: If the oceans die, we die.

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