Jun 08

Message To Israeli Elite Team in respond of #Opislam – ANONYMOUS TUNISIA

Greetings world, we are anon ghost.
this a message in respond of OPislam, that was released by Israel, exactely by Esraeli Elite team.
Hi Israel Pig Lammerz, we heard that you announced OpIslam. hahaha
what!? are you kidding!! oh my God!!
since when you start making Operations!!
Very funny! in fact this is very stupid.
since when Israel has Hackerz!!We never heard about them before.
So it’s up to you and you chose the war as usual.
you do not want to surrender , we fucked you many times , and in the last Operation on israel
was the strongest operation and we just showed you you much weak you are.
no one can take Down Muslims, or defeat them this is what we call “Impossible” ……..
We are laughing at you actually and we made the joke of your weak !!!!! Israelians skids decided to Make Operation Islam, that’s awesomme.
We wont talk too much beceause we acctually do what we say and i have a challenge for you this time.
Okay now listen, we are AnonGhost , We are Everywhere , we just challenge you if you have the balls, to start any attack against Muslims and believe us,
it won’t be Like the last OpIsrael we Launched , it will b called Op.. Erasing.. Israel ..,
Expect us.
AnonGost Team
Official Members :

Mauritania Attacker – Virusa Worm – SpitFir3 – Man Sykez – Deto Beiber – BL4ckc0d1n6 – K4C3 Undetected – Sky Lion – Kais Patron – Ian Surgent – B0o3nAs – Mr Domoz – RetnOHacK – Tak Dikenal – Chahid inj3ctor – b3ta – Rehber Khan – AnonxoxTN – Spec Tre – PsyferR – Raka 3r00t – Gh0st_3xp10!t – PirateX – kopra1337 – Bl4ck Jorozz – Hije Izi – Riad Spamer – AL.MaX HaCkEr – VirUs AsEr AlrOoh – Younes Lmaghribi – Zaky – Joker Inside – AreTheiS

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