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Anonymous A message to MTV network January 2013

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Anonymous’ reply to MTV’s new TV show, “Buckwild”. A show that has disturbed many of the people from and living in the state of West Virginia. “Buckwild”, is a reality TV show based on the stereotype people in the towns of Charleston and Sissonville, West Virginia, otherwise known on the show as “The Holler”. The show consists of 9 main members, all of which appear to be around 15-19 years old. The filming of the “Buckwild” began in mid 2012 as a replacement for the previous show “Jersey Shore” which was banned from airing a few months before. Immediately after the new show was announced, West Virginia State Senator Joseph Manchin III asked the president of MTV Stephen K. Friedmanto cancel filming the episode as “it gives the wrong impression”. MTV, did not respond. After other letters shortly after asking as well not to air “Buckwild”, MTV’s John Stevens said :quote: “It’s not like looking at a train wreck. It might change people’s prospectives”. 3 weeks before airing time, Manchin demanded it be pulled from the network, with no reply from MTV. It’s believed by some that the producers of the show had been purchasing alcohol for the cast members during the shoots to make them act more “entertaining”. Manchin when interviewed said “I’m understanding they took 4, 5, 6 different takes to get them to act as outrageously as they did.”. Since the airing of the first episode on Jan, 3, the show has indeed, taken off with hundreds of Facebook posts and tweets everyday since.
Speech into Text:
Hello, Music Television, or MTV. We are Anonymous.

As of January third, 2013, you have aired a new television show that you have been filming over the fast few months in 2012. A show directed towards the people living in the towns of West Virginia. The show has offended and disrupted many across the state and outside of the towns filmed in West Virginia. Your television show features nudity, illegal acts of harm, and a false reality many across the United States believe is real.

It is to our understanding, each scene was shot multiple times and scripted out by the producers. In the segments, alcohol and different kinds of illegal drugs were given to the stars of the show, many of which under the age of 21, with each actor getting paid $3,000 per episode. During the filming of the show in late 2012, you were asked nicely by the state and many others to not air it, as it gives the completely wrong impression about the state.

All of which, you unkindly ignored. Thus, we have decided you are worthless. You, MTV, and your filmmakers, producers, and stars have been banned from different states before in the past. You have lied and tricked others into believing your lies with actors. You did not listen to others, maybe you’ll listen to us. We are asking you nicely to not air the show again… Expect us.
“We feel violated that they can make people believe that’s who we are and we can’t do anything about it.”

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