Aug 03

Anonymous Diplomatic Solutions May Still Exist

Against New World Order www.new-world-order-plan.org Many of you may have heard the proposal for armed revolution. You as citizens hold the future of the United States in your hands. Before you make a decision some stuff needs to be clarified, to do so we must look at the first American Revolution. Back before the first American Revolution the colonists made multiple diplomatic proposals to Great Britain attempting to find any peaceful solution, however in secret the colonist were also training militias, strategizing, and distributing supplies. The American Revolution was planed for months and only went into effect after all other options failed and the British came to take the militias guns away. If not for being properly organized and led the American Revolution could have easily turned into anarchy, where fear and chaos takes control, at which point nobody wins. By the end of the American Revolution thousands of good and brave people died on both sides of the conflict, families got ripped apart by war, in the end a nation gained its right to exist and freedom was won. The question is if we have reached that same point, it’s up to you, the citizens to decide. However, hope for a peaceful solution is never over until you want it to be. Thousands have protested asking for change, unfortunately few have offered written solutions. The option to get together and create bills that offer solutions for real change has not passed. If the citizens bring to the Government

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