Apr 19

Anonymous: Shutdown of the Internet – We will NOT do it!

Don’t be fooled by another #OpFacebook. Citizens of the Internet. We are Anonymous. It has come to the collective’s attention that there have been threats made by Anonymous to “shut down the internet”. These threats are NOT those of the collective as a whole! Be aware that Anonymous itself is an idea. Everyone has the right to an idea. Because of this, anyone can use the name ‘Anonymous’. An attack on internet service providers may possibly be by Anonymous, but not the collective as a whole. There’s also quite a possibility that the government may be behind the threats as an effort to push stricter internet laws. Remember, the government has conducted false flag operations in the past. Or, this can simply be a ploy to discredit Anonymous in the eyes of the public. The collective uses the internet to operate and plan ops. Therefore they have no reason to attack internet service providers. In the end, it would hurt more innocent people than corrupt government officials, and that’s never the goal of the collective. There’s no justice in harming the innocent and there’s no excuse for it! Governments have used our differences to keep us arguing and fighting each other so that we overlook what really matters. Our choices are simple, we can either learn to accept each other for who we are, or die divided by relatively insignificant issues. Pointless bickering isn’t going to get us anywhere and that’s exactly what the corrupt individuals in our various governments want. THIS IS A

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