Feb 16

Anonymous Project Mayhem 2012 OpRealityHacking

Against NEW WORLD ORDER www.new-world-order-plan.org PM2012Mirror Project Mayhem 2012 ‘Dangerous Ideas #1 and #2’: pastebin.com Project Mayhem 2012 Tyler: pastebin.com How to spot other fellow Anonymous RATS 1.SET YOUR WRISTWATCH/MOBILE ALARM TO GO OFF DAILY AT 11:11 AM and 11:11 PM, local time. Wherever you are: Bee that school, college, office, church, laundromat, bar…. 2.LET’S TROLL THE SHIT OUT OF THE MATRIX DRONES AROUND US!!!!! SUDDENLY,WHENEVER IT’S 11:11, DO SOMETHING RANDOM/STUPID/KAOTIC Do something that only another fellow Troll-master/Reality Hacker would do. en.wikipedia.org ie: Do a stupid move waving your hand above your head, say a crazy word aloud, whistle a melody (The TROLOLOLOLO) lowly, or, depending on your level of FEAR to ridicule, you can actually SING IT OUT LOUD. Up to you, just MAKE IT WEIRD: Pretend you have gone insane for a few seconds and then go back to “normality”: MINDFUCK THEM HARD. 3.If they ask you why do you program the ALARM at 11:11, EVERYDAY, INVENT A LIE!!!!! Or give them a COMPLETELY SURREALISTIC answer: say a PASSWORD phrase, like this: “I have a RED PILL to take at 11:11 everyday. I have strange feeling in my stomach It hurts me a little bit when I laugh.” If the person who asked you why do you set your alarm clock at 11:11 everyday is another fellow RAT, they will find out. 4. Bee patient. bee determined. Bee a space monkey. Set your alarm at 11:11 everyday. It might take some time until this MIND VIRUS expands to your local

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