Feb 16

Anonymous – New World Order Plan to Kill 90% of the Worlds Population

Against NEW WORLD ORDER www.new-world-order-plan.org THE NWO KILLS EVERY DAY THE HUMANITY WITH VIRUS,WARS,CRYSIS ECONOMIC AND WITH MANY OTHER WAYS THAT MOST OF US WE DON’T UNDERSTAND! HUMANITY I CALL YOU TO STAY AND FIGHT TOGETHER! BURN TO THE GROUND THE NWO! WE NEED TO CREATE A NEW AGE!THE AGE FOR FREEDOM! THE HYMANITY NEEDS TO BE ACTIVE EVERY TIME! WE HAVE THE POWER! DON’T LEAVE THE GOVERMENTS TO TAKE YOUR LIBERTY! NEW WORLD ORDER Georgia Guidestones American Stonehedge elberton odd oddities “New World Order” Establish Government NWO Bush Terrorstorm USA rfid mark war bilderberg illuminati “skull and bones” trilateral 666 beast satan bohemian truth “north american union” NAU erichip vchip one government zeitgeist “ron paul” george hitler RFID hip “barack obama” “john mccain” “september 11th” 9 occult “united states” nations america nazi “Alex Jones” Conspiracy “Ron Paul 2012” “Presidential Candidate”

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